Friday, August 2, 2013

our week

This week flew by.  It's already August and school is right around the corner.

We went swimming on Wednesday.

We went to Sea Life Aquarium today.
The place was empty and the kids ran around like they owned the place.
Hunter loved looking at "Nemo" everywhere.

These two are quite a pair. 

We headed to Rainforest Cafe for lunch.
The balloon lady made an animal for each kiddo.

As we were headed out the kids saw hermit crabs and started begging for one.  Tracy and I looked at each other and thought, "what the heck"?  Daddy doesn't know yet...

This picture cracks me up because it literally looks like we had spent the day at an amusement park with all of the crud that we left with.  Fun day with lots of laughs!  : )

TGIF and ready for a fun weekend to get started!


Mer said...

You BOUGHT A HERMIT CRAB! Mandy, what in the world? Do I need to come over there and make sure you are ok? Love the pics..what a fun day!