Thursday, December 30, 2010

35 weeks...and counting!

that's all the tummy you are going to see

Where, oh, where did my tummy go? Don't get me wrong, it has never been flat, BUT it's large and in charge now! And guess what? I wouldn't have it ANY other way!!! Just left the dr. for my 35 week appt. and everything is great. Now that Christmas is over, I am getting into full on nesting mode! We are getting ready to meet this little boy and ready to get lots of baby cuddles. Only a few weeks left!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was very different for us this year! I am at a point in pregnancy where I can not travel anymore, so it was just the three of us. It was actually quite nice to avoid all of the packing, traveling and unpacking, but we missed our families big time! It was just a bit too quiet for us!

Christmas Eve, the weather was gross. Abby and I cooked all morning and Bo went in to the office for a bit. We went to Christmas Eve service together and it was so sweet to hear Abby sing the carols.....boy, did she sing them! I loved it and didn't care how loud she was singing! After church, we went to the Browns and ate a great dinner with them. They were flying out the next day, so it was fun to get to spend some time with them before they left. We came home and made cookies for Santa as well as put out carrots for the reindeer. Abby was anxious to get to sleep that night, but it was so late she crashed.

Christmas morning, Bo and I woke up way before Abs. Of course, she would pick that day to sleep in until 7:30. She was excited to come see what Santa had brought and was more excited to know that he was still not in our house! : ) She played with all of her toys all morning and we had a nice, relaxing day. I was determined to make a good meal for lunch and I think I succeeded. Bo smiles every time he opens the fridge and sees all of the leftovers we STILL have to eat! When we put Abby to bed that night she asked, "Are my toys still going to be there in the morning?". So funny that she puts that much thought into it....they were there one morning, why wouldn't they be gone the next?!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well. Next year, we will be back in all the excitement, craziness, madness, loudness and everything else that we missed this year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

would ya ever know.....

.......she is shy and extremely quiet in a public setting???

Sunday, December 19, 2010

tis the season!

neighborhood lights

ready for the Polar Express!

pretty excited little girl

conductor punching our tickets
best buds

here comes Santa Claus!

gingerbread house time

watching Santa parachute

This has been a crazy, fun weekend! Tis the season, right?

Friday night we headed out to see some Christmas lights. There is a neighborhood in Plano that does a great job of displaying lights. I have been wanting to check it out so we went to see what it was all about. Abby loved seeing all the lights and other fun Christmas blow ups and such.

Saturday morning we bundled up for the Polar Express Train ride with Santa! This has become a tradition and this is our second time to go with the Browns. There is a cute show before the train ride and Abby loved every minute. The conductor came through the train punching the children's tickets followed by a visit from Ms. Claus and then Santa himself! Abby was watching the whole time for him as she did not want him to sneak up behind her. Love this girl!

We headed home after eating some lunch and it was nap time. When Abby woke up we decorated a gingerbread house complete with Santa's sleigh. We had never done this before, and of course, Abs loved every minute...especially eating the candy. She was a pro at that!

Then it was time to bundle up again and head to Frisco to watch Santa parachute out of an airplane with a couple of elves and see more lights in the square! We also saw the hot air balloon glow. Bo was disappointed that they didn't go anywhere, but Abby didn't seem to mind.
We headed to dinner after that and then home. No wonder my feet were swollen by the time we finished our day!

What a blessing to spend time with my precious family all weekend long. We took Abby to Target today to pick out toys that we are going to take children at a local hospital this week. She really seemed to understand what we were doing as she filled the basket with toys for boys, girls, newborns and mom and dads too. She would say, "Oh! A little girl will love this!" and it was so precious to watch. She never once asked for anything. I am excited about taking them to a child and make them smile this Christmas.

We are loving this time with Abby celebrating the birthday of our Lord and King remembering the real reason for the season!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

happy birthday Jesus party

Abby's class had their Happy Birthday Jesus party this afternoon! Moms and Dads had lined the halls at party time and all the kids were so excited to see them coming in their classroom. The kids started the party with the Lord's Prayer. Abby can say the whole thing (AT HOME) but in the little line at school, she stood with her hand near her mouth and bunny covering the rest of her face! We sat down after that and made a Christmas book together. It was really sweet. There is a great picture of Abby dressed up as Mary in the book. I love it! The kids ate a snack, sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and then it was time to go. I am so thankful for Abby's MDO program and her sweet teachers. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas with friends 2010

"Uncle Rosey", Susan and Abs

Leslie, me and Ashley

The kids playing dress-up

Karlie and Abs

The boys

The girls

We had a great weekend with precious friends! Friday night, the Lohrdings and Kriegs came in town and we headed out for a "grown-up" dinner. Saturday we had friends over for a little Christmas party. The kids played so well together and we all had a great time catching up and celebrating the holiday season.

Bo blessed the food and said that these friends that we have are our "family". He is so right. We have known these guys since Baylor and have celebrated engagements, weddings and now having children and watching them grow up together. I love these friends and can't imagine "doing life" without them!

Monday, December 6, 2010

breakfast with Santa

Bo with his sisters and Dad

Mimi and Abby

Align Center
Abby getting Santa painted on her cheek

Family pic by the tree (guess Abs was done with pics)

The grandkids with Papa

They even had some snow for the kids to play in!

Cousin time

We had a great weekend in Houston! It has become a tradition to go to Breakfast with Santa each year and we all have a great time. We go to the club for a yummy breakfast buffet and have pictures taken with Santa. Abby didn't want to sit in his lap, but did talk to him and tell him that she wanted "baby doll stuff" for Christmas this year. ALL 13 of us got in a family pic with the ole guy. Can't wait to see that one! There was even some snow outside when we were leaving and the kids had fun playing in that.

The weekend worked out perfect for us because it is about our last weekend that I can travel....just in time for a little Christmas at Mimi's house! However, there is really nothing little about Christmas at Mimi's. She LOVES to decorate her whole house and the kids have a ball playing with all of the fun Christmas things she has out. Abby got to spend lots of time with her cousins and loved it. Each child opened a "sock" (instead of a stocking) from Mimi and Papa and the adults had a fun white elephant gift exchange as well. Crazy to think that next time we see these little faces another one will be added to the bunch.

We are just LOVING DECEMBER!!!!