Thursday, July 30, 2009

cousin camp 09

We started off the weekend with a much needed haircut!

Friday morning we headed out to the circus.

Saturday, it was off to the Children's Museum!

Sunday was Little Gym time.

Monday we visited the Aquarium.

Tuesday morning we ended the week with a photo shoot

Wow!  What a fun weekend we had at Cousin Camp in Houston.  Mimi and Papa went all out and we all had a blast.  We are still exhausted from all the fun, but it was well worth it!  Abby and I headed to Houston on Thursday.  Abby hates to get her hair cut and so we thought we would try a lady in Houston that cut Bo's hair when he was little.  Abs didn't even shed one tear and sat still for a good 10 min.  So thrilled that is over!  

Friday we headed out to the circus.  Abner was NOT a big fan.  When the bright lights and loud music came on, she buried her head in my chest and sat like that pretty much the whole time.  She would peek out of the corner of her eye, but that was it.  Bo flew in Friday night and joined in the fun.

 Saturday, we loaded up and went to the Houston Children's Museum.  The kids loved the pretend grocery store and the vet's office.  

Sunday was Little Gym time.  Mimi and Papa rented it out like we were having a birthday party, but it was just us.  The kids had a great time once again running around and playing. 

 Time to visit the aquarium on Monday!  It was HOT, but once again, the kids had a blast.  Abby crashed during lunch.  Bless her...she  just couldn't hang any more.   Each afternoon we would come home and swim at the Bain's house.  Abby loved that each day!

 We finished off the fun weekend with a photo shoot on Tuesday morning.  A photographer came out to the Bain's house and took amazing pictures of the kids together.  Abby fell asleep during the shoot, but the photographer woke her up (EXCUSE ME!) and he did great with her.  I was amazed!!!  

We are home now and exhausted, but had such a great time.  We took about 400 pictures and have lots more fun stories to tell, but this is a short overview of the great time we had.  Thanks, Mimi and Papa for a fabulous Cousin Camp 09!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

while daddy was recovering...

Daddy slept with the remote in hand

I snuggled with Papa

I swam in my new cool pool from Mimi

I also rode the horse a lot!

While Bo was recovering from his gallbladder surgery, Mimi and Papa came in town to help take care of Abby.  They were a big help and had lots of fun together!  Thanks for coming!!  

Monday, July 13, 2009


"This is the best I can do, Dad"

Well the stomach bug hit our house (or really Kroger) on Thursday afternoon. I will spare you all the details, but Abby has been really sick all weekend.  She was getting worse on Sat. morning so we took her in to see Dr. G.  She weighed less than she did at her 18 month appt. and couldn't keep anything down at all.  He gave her some medicine and it seemed to kick in right away.  She slept most of Sat. and pretty much all day Sunday.  Today, she woke up at 6:30, but is back in bed now and it's only 8:15!!  Will be a slow week around here....and Bo's surgery is Thursday!  Going from one patient to the next.  Wonder which one will be worse??

Thursday, July 9, 2009

movie time

Abby and her friends after the movie

Abby waiting for the movie to start

Abby had her first movie experience today!  We went to see Horton Hears a Who. She LOVED it.  It helped that she slept the first 15 min. of the movie, but when she woke up she enjoyed the rest of the movie saying, "elephant, naked"!   She sat in my lap the entire time. The whole way home she was saying, "movie, over".   What a fun, cheap thing to do in the summer when it's so hot out!  Thanks, friends, for the invite!  We need to do it again soon.

Friday, July 3, 2009

july 4, 2009