Thursday, February 27, 2014

little mermaid and big things

Another week is flying by and only one week until spring break!
Last weekend, I took Abby to see The Little Mermaid with some friends.  
It was so cute and Abs loved it.

This week has been cold again but one afternoon we found a little 
sun and some time to ride bikes with neighbors.  
 This little one was playing soccer with some
boys and insisting that he keep his helmet on. 

AND...some big news in the fam.....

H is actually wanting to be a big boy!  Not all the
time but I will take what I can get right now.  

Abby's school has a program called Kingdom Tales where the kids can write a book
and the school will publish it.  They were presented their books and Abby spoke
in front of all of her peers and parents.  She did great.  I was so proud. 
I know for most kids this isn't a big deal, but for Abby it's huge!

It's almost March!  Ready for some more spring-like
weather to stick around!  We have lots of playing to do!  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

busy and random

January and February used to be long, boring months.  Well, not anymore.  I guess with Hunter's bday, Bo's bday and Valentine's festivities things just get busy.   We had family in town two weekends in a row and last weekend we went to a friend's ranch for V-Day.  Lots going on.
The weekend Bo's parents were here we took them painting and then went bowling.

During the week we had dentist appointments, dance class,
swim lessons, BSF and playdates...on top of
school and Valentine's Day parties.

We went to a friend's ranch this past weekend. It was a blast.
The weather was perfect and it was just so nice to get away and enjoy
the company and scenery.  Beautiful.

The boys and hubs were there too but they were too busy 
running around to stop and take a picture.

Just three weeks until spring break!  Looking forward to that and maybe 
slowing down just a little bit???   Ha!  : )

Thursday, February 6, 2014

snow day!!!

Leave it to Dallas, Texas to have the most random weather!!!  The weather man said we MIGHT get a little dusting of snow.  Well, we got more than that for sure.  Now, compared to other places this was a dusting, but the roads were slick and schools were let out early.  
We had some fun!
We played out front with neighbors all afternoon. 
The girls headed to one house for hot chocolate
and the boys came here for some basketball and car racing.  

It had pretty  much melted by the late afternoon, but the temps are so low it may freeze tonight. 
Will see what tomorrow will hold!  I would not want my whole winter to look like this, BUT 
today was so much fun.  Great memories were made.  

Sunday, February 2, 2014

daddy/daughter dance

Abby and Bo had their first daddy/daughter dance last night. Abby had been looking forward to this for a long time.  We went to Sweet and Sassy and did hair, make-up and nails that afternoon.  
She loved every minute.

Bo bought her a corsage.

My parents were in town for a visit.  It was great having them here!

Abs and her best bud.

Abby was out past my bedtime, but Mom and I stayed up to hear all about it.  She came in the house smiling, shared a few stories and crashed.  We have heard more stories today and seen some video that Bo took of the action.  Such a fun night for them and precious memories are being made!