Thursday, February 27, 2014

little mermaid and big things

Another week is flying by and only one week until spring break!
Last weekend, I took Abby to see The Little Mermaid with some friends.  
It was so cute and Abs loved it.

This week has been cold again but one afternoon we found a little 
sun and some time to ride bikes with neighbors.  
 This little one was playing soccer with some
boys and insisting that he keep his helmet on. 

AND...some big news in the fam.....

H is actually wanting to be a big boy!  Not all the
time but I will take what I can get right now.  

Abby's school has a program called Kingdom Tales where the kids can write a book
and the school will publish it.  They were presented their books and Abby spoke
in front of all of her peers and parents.  She did great.  I was so proud. 
I know for most kids this isn't a big deal, but for Abby it's huge!

It's almost March!  Ready for some more spring-like
weather to stick around!  We have lots of playing to do!  


Mer said...

Whoooohoooo! Go Hunter:) Love sweet Abby…what a huge day. So proud!

Katie said...

Yay Hunter and Abby!