Wednesday, January 30, 2013

h's stats

Hunter's 2 year check up was yesterday.

He weighs 27 lbs. 3 oz.  -   55%
He is 35.5 inches tall  -  80%
and he has a big head.....more room for that big brain, right?

Hunter you are an amazing little boy.  You are talking a lot, singing songs and
can HOOP like no other little boy I have ever seen.  You are pretty laid back, content and happy.
You will eat anything and are finally sleeping well.

You are precious and so loved!

Monday, January 28, 2013


Jan. 28, 2011

Jan. 28, 2012

Jan. 28, 2013


I can't imagine my world without you in it.  Love you sooooo much!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

let the celebrating begin!

My BABY will be TWO tomorrow!  
We usually celebrate birthdays for a full week at our house so we began the celebration with my parents in town this weekend!  We had cake and ice cream, presents and good company to celebrate the little man.  He loves telling people he is "two" and sticking random fingers up in the air.
Happy Birthday sweet boy.  Let the celebration begin!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

bath time

My kids LOVE baths.  I am loving baths right now because Abby will bathe Hunter for me and I get to sit on my bed, listen and watch the news.  The latest thing is some colors I got designed for the bath tub.  The kids both love to color the whole tub and they clean up easy.  I swear they were in the tub for an hour tonight.  Abby would just add more hot water when the water got cold and they were good to go!

After a gorgeous day at the park (in JANUARY) both kids needed a good scrubbing.

Happy Hump Day!

Friday, January 18, 2013

ears round 2 and adenoids

Brave little man.
Of course, he had no idea where he was going!

We sat in pre-op for a while.
Thank goodness for ipads and
a sister to entertain us all!  : )

 Home sweet home.

This morning Hunter had his second round of tubes put in and his adenoids removed.
Everything went great and we are home and Hunter is sleeping.
Praying for a fast and easy recovery.  Love you sweet boy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

snow and dolls

Tuesday we woke up to snow in Dallas.  This is a big deal if you live in Texas even if it's all 
melted by mid morning..which was the case here.
   It's funny but it just doesn't happen that often here. 
  It is beautiful and always fun for the kids (and me)!

This is what happens when you have an older sister.

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, January 14, 2013

guess what came in the mail today...

Yep.  My first jury summons.  I know I should be thankful for my right
to do this, but I am I got exempt from it.  The fact that I am a stay at home 
mom and have kids under the age of 12 got me out of making a court appearance.

Now THAT I am thankful for!  : )

Saturday, January 12, 2013

our week

This picture was taken a couple months ago but still makes me laugh.

It was the last picture of our family photo shoot and both kids were trying hard but were both DONE.
Abby was fake smiling (but she really was trying hard) and Hunter was just over it all.

This is kind of how our week has been.  Abby started back to swim, dance and school
and was excited about it but didn't mind being home all break either.  Hunter's ears are giving him more trouble and we are all about DONE with that.  Bless his heart.  When he says "Hunter.ear.hurt" it about
kills me.  Hopefully the problem will be fixed next Friday when they do another set of
tubes and remove his adenoids.  So, this pic just sums up our week.  Abby trying as hard as
she can to get excited about her routine again and Hunter is just done.

Pray for us on Friday if you think about it.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Wednesday, Dec. 26th we had Hunter's normal well ear check up to see how his tubes were and if they were, in fact, still there.  The dr. told me that the right tube was perfect and the left was working it's way out and would be out any day.  That is all normal.  Well, Sunday....FOUR days later....Hunter was up screaming that his ear hurt.  Sure enough, we went in Monday morning and he had an infection in that left ear.  Now I am usually not a pessimist, but after that tube fell out, it sure didn't take long for an infection to begin.  We began the meds and things seemed to be getting better.  However, this weekend he was saying "Hunter. Ear. Hurt" a bit and so I would give him Motrin/Tylenol every so often.  Last night, however, he was up screaming most of the night.  I called our ear dr. and she said take him in to get it looked at so we did that.  The dr said it was a horrible infection and clearly the first round of meds (that we are still taking) wasn't working.  They gave us another antibiotic to try.

Long story, I know, but this is just so frustrating to me.  We went down this road last Oct-Jan until he got tubes and we have had NO issues since.  Bring on the tubes again...and hurry please.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

new year, new lens

Fisheye angle
Looking forward to playing with this little lens lots more.  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 project and 2012

 Sunday December 30th, was officially the 365th day of 2012.  

I met my goal of taking at least one picture a day.  I didn't posted every 
picture, but I did take at least one a day...even if it was an iphone picture.

I am glad I did it, but also happy it's over.

I will post my last few pictures soon.  The computer is acting funny
and telling me we need a new one a new hard drive to store all my
photoshop and pictures.

Here's to 2013. We are starting it off right being up at 5:30 with
a screaming boy who has another ear infection.  Tube fell
out last week and we have one already.  Bless us him.