Saturday, January 12, 2013

our week

This picture was taken a couple months ago but still makes me laugh.

It was the last picture of our family photo shoot and both kids were trying hard but were both DONE.
Abby was fake smiling (but she really was trying hard) and Hunter was just over it all.

This is kind of how our week has been.  Abby started back to swim, dance and school
and was excited about it but didn't mind being home all break either.  Hunter's ears are giving him more trouble and we are all about DONE with that.  Bless his heart.  When he says "Hunter.ear.hurt" it about
kills me.  Hopefully the problem will be fixed next Friday when they do another set of
tubes and remove his adenoids.  So, this pic just sums up our week.  Abby trying as hard as
she can to get excited about her routine again and Hunter is just done.

Pray for us on Friday if you think about it.


Katie said...

Sweet kids and sweet picture!

Mer said...

AWWW:( Poor kids..poor mom!