Wednesday, January 23, 2013

bath time

My kids LOVE baths.  I am loving baths right now because Abby will bathe Hunter for me and I get to sit on my bed, listen and watch the news.  The latest thing is some colors I got designed for the bath tub.  The kids both love to color the whole tub and they clean up easy.  I swear they were in the tub for an hour tonight.  Abby would just add more hot water when the water got cold and they were good to go!

After a gorgeous day at the park (in JANUARY) both kids needed a good scrubbing.

Happy Hump Day!


Mer said...

Is that an instagram pic?? I'm amazed at how clear his eyes look! So fun...we have finger paints too for bath, but I'm thinking they are too messy.

texasbean said...

Can Abby come run bath time at my house?!