Sunday, January 6, 2013


Wednesday, Dec. 26th we had Hunter's normal well ear check up to see how his tubes were and if they were, in fact, still there.  The dr. told me that the right tube was perfect and the left was working it's way out and would be out any day.  That is all normal.  Well, Sunday....FOUR days later....Hunter was up screaming that his ear hurt.  Sure enough, we went in Monday morning and he had an infection in that left ear.  Now I am usually not a pessimist, but after that tube fell out, it sure didn't take long for an infection to begin.  We began the meds and things seemed to be getting better.  However, this weekend he was saying "Hunter. Ear. Hurt" a bit and so I would give him Motrin/Tylenol every so often.  Last night, however, he was up screaming most of the night.  I called our ear dr. and she said take him in to get it looked at so we did that.  The dr said it was a horrible infection and clearly the first round of meds (that we are still taking) wasn't working.  They gave us another antibiotic to try.

Long story, I know, but this is just so frustrating to me.  We went down this road last Oct-Jan until he got tubes and we have had NO issues since.  Bring on the tubes again...and hurry please.


The Rohman Family said...

Poor Hunter! Maybe he will be old enough to get his adenoids out with his second round of tubes? Anyway, everyone is different, but for us, Ben's tubes were great but the adenoids coming out was LIFE CHANGING. Good luck!

John and Hannah Carrithers said...

I feel your pain times THREE! Ironically, my twin boys are getting their third set of tubes as we speak! We have battled ear infections for years. We have had adenoids out as well. Both have very painful fluid in their ears and are excited about the surgery so they can hear again! So sad. They are 5 years old now so they can communicate better to us about what hurts. It is no fun. I would push for tubes again. Hang in there!