Sunday, May 31, 2009

too many bubbles

Bo gave Abs a bath tonight...enough said!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my sweet sister

Many of you know what my family has been going through the past week or so.   Needless to's been a roller coaster.  I can not thank you all enough for all of the prayers, phone calls, emails, support and encouragement.  It's truly been overwhelming.  I can't wait to tell Katie all about the love that was shown for her and our family.  I truly believe my sister is going to be fine.  It might be a long road ahead, but as my brother said yesterday we are seeing "small victories" and that is huge.  Thank you friends for everything.  You mean the world to me and I so appreciate each and every one of you.   

A few weeks ago at church our pastor talked about praying on your knees with your palms up.  It represents total surrender to the Lord.  On Monday morning when the doctor said he was concerned and worried I felt helpless and was in total need of the peace that only He can give.  I got on my knees and was palms up and just gave it all to Him.  Since that moment I have truly felt a peace that only HE can give.   Keep the prayers coming.  She is improving every day.  I believe she will continue to heal.  It will just take some time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

spray fountains

Today was a perfect day for getting out and enjoying the sunshine!!   We found some free entertainment in the neighborhood spray park so we went on down there to play.  Abby LOVED it!!  She was a bit shy at first, but then jumped in and I had a hard time getting her to leave.  A friend came down and met us there and the girls were just hilarious "looking" for the water when it would disappear.  Such a fun day out in the beautiful sun!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

steak and eggs

One of Abby's favorite things to do these days is go to Willowbend mall.  One of my friends calls it the "steak and eggs mall" because in the children's play area there is a huge steak and eggs among other random breakfast foods for the kids to climb on and play with.  Abby loves to jump on the eggs, but also visit other parts of the mall.  She will ride the train, escalators, elevators, and throw "mummy" in the shopping allowed!   Last weekend, Bo's parents were in town and Abby took Mimi to the mall to show her all the fun things we go do at least once a week!   

Friday, May 8, 2009

good times in little rock

First of all, I have to say that I did not get any really good pictures this week in Little Rock because these 2 kidos never stop!!!  My mom was keeping my nephew for the week and so Abby and I went to "help" her!  I know we added lots of extra craziness, but we had so much fun.  Abby and Zach are just hilarious together and kept us entertained.  The weather was gross, so we spent many hours at the church indoor play area.  As my mom said, "it was worth the tithe"!  HA HA.   We made 2 trips to Target and went to visit some friends.  We stayed busy and had a great time.   We got home yesterday and when Abby woke up this morning she was asking for Zach!  Miss you guys already.