Monday, January 30, 2012

this time last year....

.....we were snowed in!!  We were home with a newborn and Abby was in Houston.

Today we were at the park having fun with each other!!  

Sunday, January 29, 2012

hunter's FIRST birthday

We started the big day off with pancakes and strawberries.

Playing with one of his new toys

Hunter's little smash cake

Proud big sister

Big mess but loved it!

We had a pretty low key day for Hunter's first birthday.  He had tubes put in his ears on Friday so we weren't 100% sure how the weekend would go.  

That is a total lie.  We were 99.9% sure there would be no issue at all or something that a little motrin couldn't fix.  The truth is, I just STINK at parties!   I am not good at the decorating, crafting and ideas for parties. They stress me out to be honest, so I stick with simple. I am GREAT at simple and since Bo and I LOVE hosting people at our house for dinner that is just what we did.  Small and simple, but celebrating my boy.  It was perfect.

Hunter did great on Friday.  I am just praying that these tubes do help clear up his ears and he isn't hurting anymore.  I can't believe he is ONE.  Where did the year go?  He is just as precious and happy as can be.  He still smiles all the time and ADORES his big sis.  He eats everything in sight...everything in sight.  He takes 2 naps a day.   One is usually short and the other one is  a bit longer.  He goes to bed about 7 and sleeps until 6.  He loves bath time, being outside and running errands.  He is a social bug and smiles and waves at everyone he sees.  He still has 6 teeth.  He doesn't talk much except for an occasional da-da.  He is still crawling around everywhere and pulling up on everything but not walking yet.  He has found the cabinets in the kitchen and loves to open and shut them.  Hunter is a JOY and I am so blessed he is MINE!   Happy Birthday to my precious Hunt-dog.  We love you so much!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

what a year

Jan 28, 2011

Jan 28, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet, amazing, precious, happy, funny, smiley BOY.  
We love you so, so much!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

jan 22- jan 25

Jan. 22

Jan. 23 

Jan. 24 

Jan. 25

It's been a good week so far around here!  Hunter has been feeling great and sleeping much better.  Tuesday we had the carpets cleaned so that is why the chair is up on our bed.  Abby climbed up there and announced that she was the queen.  Really?  Today it's been rainy, but we headed out to library story time and lunch with friends.  This has been a tradition since the kids were LITTLE.  The big ones have just about outgrown it, but the little ones seems to like it now.  Funny to think we started this when our "big kids" were the same age as the "little ones".  Happy Wednesday!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

much better weekend

Jan. 20

Starting to get the house ready for H's bday!

Jan. 21

Hunter woke up a different kid on Friday.  We were so thankful.  The fever was totally gone, he was sleeping much better and he was happy.  It was great.  We still laid low most of the day and let him get caught up on some much needed sleep.  The weather was gorgeous so we went on walks and played in the back yard.  Abby is not used to being home as much as we were this past week.  She did a great job playing, coloring, painting and we played lots of games together.  She got bored Friday night and was hiding in the toy basket.  Goof.  

Saturday after naps, we headed over to the Browns to celebrate Hollie's bday.  It had also been Wes D's bday and Karlie and Hunter's are this week.  Lots of birthdays in January to celebrate!  We had fun with the gang as always.  We have had a low key Sunday and a busy week begins tomorrow!  Lots going on and we are ready now that my boy is well.

Friday, January 20, 2012

long week

Jan. 18

Jan. 19

We have had a long week here.  Hunter has been sick since Tuesday with another ear infection.  This one was the worst by far.  I honestly think he has another bug on top of the infection because he has been running a constant fever since Tuesday, not sleeping hardly at all, random throwing up and just not happy at all.  Of course, who would be?  My heart has been breaking for him!  After a visit to the ENT yesterday, she recommended tubes and we are 100% on board!  Looks like it will be next Friday and I am ready.  I am ready for my sweet boy to feel better and to know what it feels like to have ears that don't hurt.  I love that it's the day before his birthday.  Could be the best bday gift ever!  : )  

Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

jan 14-jan 17 and my sweet boy's ears

Jan 14 - new trick.  H puts all food on his head.  Nice!

Jan. 15th - Abby played under this blanket with her flashlight most of the afternoon

Jan 16 - our friends and neighbors are triplets and they came over to make smores

Jan 17 - PJ and Pizza Day at school!!!

We had a pretty laid back weekend.  We went to the gym on Sat. morning and church on Sunday morning.  We watched some football and LOVED having Daddy home on Monday.  Hunter wasn't too happy this past weekend nor did he sleep much AT.ALL.  No fever, no runny nose...maybe teeth?  Well, after a few days of not being my sweet Hunter, I called the doctor at 3:15 on Monday and they saw him that afternoon to check his ears.  Yep.  Another ear infection. This makes 6 since the last week of October.  A bit much, I think?  I just feel so sorry for him. He is SO stinking sweet and his ears have just been hurting for too long.  Medicine seems to just mask the problem for a few days.  So, I think we are headed to an ENT to look at tubes soon.  I just pray they work and maybe, just maybe my sweet boy will start to sleep!!  Will see.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

pictures and what makes me laugh

Jan 11

Jan 12

Jan 13

Well, happy Friday!  We had a good, busy week but so happy that a long weekend is here!  The pictures from the past few days make me laugh.  The one of Abby and her sweet friend Grayson I just love.  He is precious and ADORES Abby.  They are so funny together and we don't see him often enough.  The second picture makes me laugh out loud!  This is how Bo and I go to bed every night. I like a dark, quiet room and he likes to go to sleep with a movie on.  So...he watches a movie while I go to sleep.  Cracks me up and he will KILL me for putting this picture on my blog.  Oh well.  It's Friday.  Today, H took terrible naps and he was up for the day at 5:30.  So when I brought him down at 6, I fed him and them dumped his basket of toys over so he could play.  He was quite content sitting there for a while until everyone else was up and moving.   Hope you have a super MLK weekend!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

pictures - Jan 5 - Jan 10

Jan. 5

Jan. 6

Jan. 7 - check out H's curls

Jan. 8

Jan 9

Jan 10

Here are the pics over the last few days.  I may not end up posting all 365 pictures
but who knows, I just might!  Happy January!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

cotton bowl baby!

the girls

the boys

Faber and Meredith

Bo and I

Jason and Katie

the whole crew at the game

Oliver Miller is a former Hog bball player.  He is HUGE.

Friday night the Arkansas Razorbacks played Kansas State in the 2012 Cotton Bowl.  As soon as we found out that the Hogs would play in Dallas, my whole fam said they were in!  We had a blast and the game was lots of fun.  Yes, I did go to Baylor and yes, I do love the Bears.  I will always support them, cheer for them and have been so proud of them this year!  I admire RG3 and couldn't be happier for him.  However, I am an Arkansas girl at heart and always will be.  Can't deny it.   Love my Hogs.  WPS!