Friday, January 13, 2012

pictures and what makes me laugh

Jan 11

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Jan 13

Well, happy Friday!  We had a good, busy week but so happy that a long weekend is here!  The pictures from the past few days make me laugh.  The one of Abby and her sweet friend Grayson I just love.  He is precious and ADORES Abby.  They are so funny together and we don't see him often enough.  The second picture makes me laugh out loud!  This is how Bo and I go to bed every night. I like a dark, quiet room and he likes to go to sleep with a movie on.  So...he watches a movie while I go to sleep.  Cracks me up and he will KILL me for putting this picture on my blog.  Oh well.  It's Friday.  Today, H took terrible naps and he was up for the day at 5:30.  So when I brought him down at 6, I fed him and them dumped his basket of toys over so he could play.  He was quite content sitting there for a while until everyone else was up and moving.   Hope you have a super MLK weekend!


Mer said...

If I were Bo, I'd kill you....I would. No one is EVA takin a pic of me before I go to sleep in my bed. So don't even try you camera happy woman.

Katie said...

LOVE the pic of Bo.