Sunday, January 22, 2012

much better weekend

Jan. 20

Starting to get the house ready for H's bday!

Jan. 21

Hunter woke up a different kid on Friday.  We were so thankful.  The fever was totally gone, he was sleeping much better and he was happy.  It was great.  We still laid low most of the day and let him get caught up on some much needed sleep.  The weather was gorgeous so we went on walks and played in the back yard.  Abby is not used to being home as much as we were this past week.  She did a great job playing, coloring, painting and we played lots of games together.  She got bored Friday night and was hiding in the toy basket.  Goof.  

Saturday after naps, we headed over to the Browns to celebrate Hollie's bday.  It had also been Wes D's bday and Karlie and Hunter's are this week.  Lots of birthdays in January to celebrate!  We had fun with the gang as always.  We have had a low key Sunday and a busy week begins tomorrow!  Lots going on and we are ready now that my boy is well.


Melissa said...

So glad little man is better! What are y'all up to this week? Would love to see you guys!!