Sunday, July 31, 2011

dance camp

Abby has finished up two weeks of dance camp.  The girl LOVES dance. She was so excited to go back to the dance studio and see some of her friends from her previous dance class.  We got dressed and went the first Monday morning.  Everything was going great until the teacher (who Abby did not know) said to line up and hold hands with your neighbor.   Now Abby has come a LONG way with her shy little personality, BUT she still HATES  holding hands with people.....espeically friends her age.   She wants her space and doesn't want anyone in hers.  I knew this wasn't going to go well when the teacher kept telling Abby to hold hands with the two girls on either side of her.  Abs took one look back at me and ran my direction.  She started screaming that she didn't want to go in.  I told her I would walk her in and I did...however, Abby did not let go of me!  She screamed and screamed!!!  The teacher told me to just run out and after I literally PEELED her off of me, I did.  Everyone in the hall could hear Abs and she just kept begging the teacher to "Please let me go see my mommy"!   After about 5 minutes of that, the teacher brought her out to me and politely asked us to try again the next time.  I wasn't quite sure what to do.  Do I punish her?  Do I even try it again?  What in the world was going on???  It had to be more than the hand holding, right?

Abby wasn't talking. She is great at changing the subject if you bring up something she doesn't want to talk about.  She did that all day long when I would ask about dance.  However, that night as I was putting her to bed I asked her one more time why she didn't want to go to dance that morning.  She said, "I didn't know the teacher's name".  Really?  That was it??  Well, she didn't want to hold hands either, but the main thing was the teacher's name.  Sooooo...problem solved.  We went early the next day and asked the teacher her name.  She said it was Erin and Abby was fine after that!  Problem solved.  Well, that and she stood at the end of the line each time they lined up and still didn't hold a hand!  

Bless her.  Some days it's just the little things that get us all out of whack.  

Friday, July 29, 2011

SIX months

Hunter is SIX months old!  How did that happen?  We went to see Dr. G yesterday for his six month appt. and all is well.  Hunter is 17.7 pounds!  He is a beast!  When the nurse came in to give him his shots, she said, "oh my!  look at those thighs"!  Can't wait to start feeding him "real" food in the next few days.  He is sleeping much better....because of Bo.  It was time for him to start crying a bit (or a lot) and Bo was the one that made me stick with it.  It's so hard, but so worth the pay off.  He still isn't taking great naps, but there were a couple hour and a half naps in there this week, so that was great!

The past six months have just flown by. I know the next six will too.  Hunter is such a precious baby and still just adores the SOCKS off his sister.  He BEAMS when she is around.  She, of course, loves that.  He is pretty laid back and still loves to be out and about.  He is just about to sit up and is rolling all over the place.  He is grabbing at things and puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.  Currently, he is drooling all over the place, but no teeth yet!  He still takes 3 naps a day.   The morning nap seems to be the best.  He goes to bed at 6:30/7 and is up around 6:00.  He sleeps on his tummy.

I love my precious little man!  He is such the perfect addition to our family.  Happy six months!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"being married"

Abby is obsessed with princesses.  She loves them all and pretends she is a princess and Daddy is her prince.  So cute.   She decided to make her night gown a veil one day and she has been "married" ever since.  She will say, "Mom, can I be married?"  and off she goes to grab a night gown and put it on her head like her veil.  She twirls around and sings all the time.  It's a constant reminder to pray for her future spouse!  How did I get such a girly girl???   Love every minute!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

new things....

look at those fat thighs!

Hunter is loving his exersaucer. I thought he would still be too young, but my word, he is almost 6 months old. Crazy. He loves it. Will stand in that thing for hours. I love that since he won't nap least he is occupied.

Our summer is flying. I always think it will be so slow and especially this summer since we have not traveled much at all. It's been really hot, but it truly has gone by so fast! We stay busy in the mornings and have had tons of fun play dates. We crash in the afternoon and then hang at home. Too hot to get out!!! We are loving summer. Don't get me wrong.....I am ready for MDO to start back up...just to get a little break and for some structure, but summer has been fun and not a dull moment for sure!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

swim lessons

Well, we are 6 lessons into this and Abby is doing much better! She has decided as long as the water is "warm" she will stick her head under...just for a bit. She will jump to the teacher without holding her hands which has been big.

This is the first time that Abs has ever done swim lessons. My goal for her this summer was to be more confident in the water and she is doing that. I am very proud of her!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

friends and the fourth

H made a new friend - they "talked" all night

Rosey's "fun land"!

my sweet firecracker!

Nothing better than smores

We started out our Fourth of July weekend at Rosey's house on Saturday afternoon. We have some friends from Baylor moving to Dallas and we are so excited to have them here! Kelli and Eric have 3 kids and the youngest is Hunter's age. They were hilarious together "talking" and laughing at each other. Rosey was thrilled to have the gang at his house...not so sure about the 11 kids running around it! : ) He told us to bring things for the kids to do and that we did! There was a pool, bounce house and sprinkler in the back yard so the kids had plenty to do and everyone had a great time. Glad you are here, Hills!

The Browns came over Monday evening to watch fireworks and make smores. Since H goes to bed so early we stayed home and watched the fireworks from our backyard. The kids were so patient waiting. It doesn't get dark until WAY past my bedtime these days! : ) We had a great time, as always, with them.

Hope you had a great Fourth of July too! Life is good....isn't it?!