Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FIVE months

Oh my sweet boy!! How are you five months old already?? It just goes by so fast. Now, don't be silly...I am more than ready for you to sleep all night long and start taking good naps, but you are just precious and I am CRAZY about you!!!

You started rolling over about a week ago. You get stuck when you get to your tummy. We are working on that! You had started sleeping much better at night, but then when you learned this trick, we had to figure out a way to keep you from rolling over at night and FREAKING OUT when you would do it in the middle of the night. So far, it has worked and you are back to sleeping really well. Thank goodness!!

You cat nap all day long...you take about 4 maybe 5 - 30 min. naps a day. This is JUST what your sister did! Good thing I am used to it. You are so happy when you are awake and you LOVE to go places. You are actually happiest when we are out of the house. THAT is just like your sister too!!! I LOVE IT. So happy that you like to be out and about.

You have a laugh that just makes my heart smile. I literally just beam when you laugh. Abby makes you laugh more than anyone else. She just has to walk by you and you smile at her. She loves it and so do I.

I adore you, precious one. I thank the Lord for you every single day. I love being your mommy!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

my baby daddy

Bo spent his Father's Day with 2 cranky, tired kids and a 4 hour car ride back from Houston. He came home to a dinner that consisted of BBQ chips and a granola bar. We had no food after our trip. We had a late lunch on the road but still....that is pretty pathetic.

Never once did he complain. Never once did he say that this was "his day" and he deserved better. That is my Baby Daddy. He is amazing, self-less, loving, honest and just a GREAT dad. He loves his kids more than anything and puts his family first. He would do anything for Hunter or Abby. They have no idea how perfect he is for them! They have no idea what an amazing role model he is and how much I pray they both recognize that one day and thank him. I pray Hunter is just like him and I pray Abby finds someone just like him to marry one day.

I am lucky. I am honored. I am blessed.

I love you, B!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

cousin camp 2011

Let the FUN begin!
First stop - Animal Farm

LOVE Abby's face here...HA
Hunter's first time in the pool

A professional photographer came to take pictures of the kids. For the last picture, she had them all jump in the pool with their clothes on. The kids thought it was GREAT!

Second day - Kid Zone and birthday parties!
I think the adults had more fun than the kids.

Some were injured...

The Boys

The girls

Third day - My Gym for some fun!

Another FUN year at cousin camp!! All of the kids (as well as the adults) had a BALL once again! There was a fun activity every morning and after nap time there was lots of swimming going on!

The first day, we headed out to an outdoor farm complete with petting zoo, train ride and bounce houses. It was very hot and Hunter was a TROOPER! After lunch we headed back to Mimi and Papa's to cool off in the pool! The adults had a dinner out that night while the kids had a pancake dinner at home!

The second morning a professional photographer came over and took lots of pictures of the kids and families. I can't wait to see them! Her last picture was all of the kids jumping into the pool with their clothes on! The kids thought that was HILARIOUS!! Too cute. After drying off, we went to Kid Zone where Mimi had rented out the place for us. We had a birthday party for each kid complete with cake and presents. We headed back for nap time and them went swimming again and grilled out that night.

The last day we went to The Little Gym for some fun. Again, we had the place to ourselves so it was a blast! After a morning of running around there, we grabbed some lunch and headed back to Dallas. Abby was asleep before we got out of the parking lot. Hunter slept just about the whole way back! We were all exhausted last night, but we had such a great time. Thank you so much, Mim and Papa! Thanks for all the fun memories! Cousin Camp 3 did not disappoint!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

pure sweetness

I love my life

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

swim lessons

Abby started swimming lessons today. This is her first time to ever take them and she was a bit nervous when we got there. The teacher is great and Abby did a great job! This will be our life every Tues/Thursday for the next four weeks. I can't wait to see all she learns!
(Will have to remember my zoom lens too!)

Monday, June 13, 2011

BIG weekend

H and Papa

Mimi and Papa

Bunny, Pappy and H

somewhere over the rainbow

Sweet best friends

Ahhh...what a fun, but busy Sunday! We started the day with Hunter's baby dedication at our church. Bo and I believe that Hunter was given to us from the Lord and we wanted to say publicly that we would raise him to be a leader and teach him about Jesus. We pray that Hunter will one day make the decision to follow HIM and we pray we can help lead him to that point. It was a sweet time for our family.

After a quick lunch we came home and regrouped for Abby's big dance recital! She did an AMAZING job and it was so much fun to see her sweet face on that big stage. We were all so proud of her. I LOVED every minute!

Thank you to all four grandparents for coming to Big D for the weekend. It was a special one and it made it even more special that each of you were here. We love you!