Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FIVE months

Oh my sweet boy!! How are you five months old already?? It just goes by so fast. Now, don't be silly...I am more than ready for you to sleep all night long and start taking good naps, but you are just precious and I am CRAZY about you!!!

You started rolling over about a week ago. You get stuck when you get to your tummy. We are working on that! You had started sleeping much better at night, but then when you learned this trick, we had to figure out a way to keep you from rolling over at night and FREAKING OUT when you would do it in the middle of the night. So far, it has worked and you are back to sleeping really well. Thank goodness!!

You cat nap all day long...you take about 4 maybe 5 - 30 min. naps a day. This is JUST what your sister did! Good thing I am used to it. You are so happy when you are awake and you LOVE to go places. You are actually happiest when we are out of the house. THAT is just like your sister too!!! I LOVE IT. So happy that you like to be out and about.

You have a laugh that just makes my heart smile. I literally just beam when you laugh. Abby makes you laugh more than anyone else. She just has to walk by you and you smile at her. She loves it and so do I.

I adore you, precious one. I thank the Lord for you every single day. I love being your mommy!!!


Melissa said...

LOVE the sticker on the bottom. Cute idea!

Courtney said...

It's amazing how fast they grow up. He's so precious Mandy, as is Abby. Let's all get together for margarita night SOON!!!

Ashley said...

I can not believe that little guy is 5 months old already...I mean HOW did that happen?! He is precious and I SO wish I was going to be holding his tiny little self this weekend. HOPEFULLY soon...let's compare calenders, k?

Robinson Family said...

How fun that he and Abby are so similar! He is utterly handsome and precious.