Tuesday, June 7, 2011

green cattle beef delivery

H and Ian

H during the party

the girls

total chaos

Bo and his girl

This past weekend our friends from Lubbock came to Dallas! B and L own Green Cattle Beef and they make deliveries to Dallas every few months. It had been a while since Abby had seen Ian, but they picked up right where they left off. Not many boys are Abby's "speed", but Ian is one that is perfect for her. This last picture cracks me up because it looks like they are an old married couple just hanging out together. Ian sat here forever! So funny.

We never need an excuse to get the gang together, but having the Lohrdings visit made it more fun. Thanks for coming and bringing your beef! : )


Katie said...

That last picture is so funny!

Leslie said...

Your home is seriously a vacation for us b/c we always have a blast and you 2 are the best hosts on the planet. I just love how well Ian and Abby did together. That picture is so dang cute. Can't wait to visit again and I know by then you will be getting sleep!!! Miss you guys so much!!! thanks for everything!!!