Tuesday, July 5, 2011

friends and the fourth

H made a new friend - they "talked" all night

Rosey's "fun land"!

my sweet firecracker!

Nothing better than smores

We started out our Fourth of July weekend at Rosey's house on Saturday afternoon. We have some friends from Baylor moving to Dallas and we are so excited to have them here! Kelli and Eric have 3 kids and the youngest is Hunter's age. They were hilarious together "talking" and laughing at each other. Rosey was thrilled to have the gang at his house...not so sure about the 11 kids running around it! : ) He told us to bring things for the kids to do and that we did! There was a pool, bounce house and sprinkler in the back yard so the kids had plenty to do and everyone had a great time. Glad you are here, Hills!

The Browns came over Monday evening to watch fireworks and make smores. Since H goes to bed so early we stayed home and watched the fireworks from our backyard. The kids were so patient waiting. It doesn't get dark until WAY past my bedtime these days! : ) We had a great time, as always, with them.

Hope you had a great Fourth of July too! Life is good....isn't it?!


Melissa said...

Love that picture of H with his fingers in his mouth.... adorable!

Katie said...

Great pics! Is Hunter sitting up?!

Lauren said...

What is that s'more-making device?? I must have one!!!