Sunday, July 31, 2011

dance camp

Abby has finished up two weeks of dance camp.  The girl LOVES dance. She was so excited to go back to the dance studio and see some of her friends from her previous dance class.  We got dressed and went the first Monday morning.  Everything was going great until the teacher (who Abby did not know) said to line up and hold hands with your neighbor.   Now Abby has come a LONG way with her shy little personality, BUT she still HATES  holding hands with people.....espeically friends her age.   She wants her space and doesn't want anyone in hers.  I knew this wasn't going to go well when the teacher kept telling Abby to hold hands with the two girls on either side of her.  Abs took one look back at me and ran my direction.  She started screaming that she didn't want to go in.  I told her I would walk her in and I did...however, Abby did not let go of me!  She screamed and screamed!!!  The teacher told me to just run out and after I literally PEELED her off of me, I did.  Everyone in the hall could hear Abs and she just kept begging the teacher to "Please let me go see my mommy"!   After about 5 minutes of that, the teacher brought her out to me and politely asked us to try again the next time.  I wasn't quite sure what to do.  Do I punish her?  Do I even try it again?  What in the world was going on???  It had to be more than the hand holding, right?

Abby wasn't talking. She is great at changing the subject if you bring up something she doesn't want to talk about.  She did that all day long when I would ask about dance.  However, that night as I was putting her to bed I asked her one more time why she didn't want to go to dance that morning.  She said, "I didn't know the teacher's name".  Really?  That was it??  Well, she didn't want to hold hands either, but the main thing was the teacher's name.  Sooooo...problem solved.  We went early the next day and asked the teacher her name.  She said it was Erin and Abby was fine after that!  Problem solved.  Well, that and she stood at the end of the line each time they lined up and still didn't hold a hand!  

Bless her.  Some days it's just the little things that get us all out of whack.  


Gina said...

Ahh. Such a sweet story. Bless little abby's heart.

Robinson Family said...

You never know sometimes right?! Bless their little hearts though. I would LOVE to see how their minds work and what's going on in there. These pictures are too cute. I love her little personality. What a doll.

Mer said...

..and that doesn't change when you get old like us!

Katie said...

Too funny. Not really. ; )

Glad it got better! Good at problem solving standing at the end of the line!

Kimberly said...

Poor Abby! We have some awesome dance classes and some terrible ones as well. So frustrating!