Friday, January 20, 2012

long week

Jan. 18

Jan. 19

We have had a long week here.  Hunter has been sick since Tuesday with another ear infection.  This one was the worst by far.  I honestly think he has another bug on top of the infection because he has been running a constant fever since Tuesday, not sleeping hardly at all, random throwing up and just not happy at all.  Of course, who would be?  My heart has been breaking for him!  After a visit to the ENT yesterday, she recommended tubes and we are 100% on board!  Looks like it will be next Friday and I am ready.  I am ready for my sweet boy to feel better and to know what it feels like to have ears that don't hurt.  I love that it's the day before his birthday.  Could be the best bday gift ever!  : )  

Happy Friday!!


Gina said...

Poor Hunter. Hope he gets feeling better.

Katie said...

Yes, hopefully he will feel GREAT on his 1st bday. Can't believe it!

Love you Hunt!

Lauren said...

Wishing you lots of luck on the tubes, both my kids got them (Avery was 1 1/2, Aidan got them recently at 5 1/2) and they worked WONDERS!! Cleared up ear fluid/hearing problems that they had. I know they will help Hunter too :)

The Rohman Family said...

Praying, praying, praying that tubes will relieve his constant troubles with those ears!