Wednesday, January 25, 2012

jan 22- jan 25

Jan. 22

Jan. 23 

Jan. 24 

Jan. 25

It's been a good week so far around here!  Hunter has been feeling great and sleeping much better.  Tuesday we had the carpets cleaned so that is why the chair is up on our bed.  Abby climbed up there and announced that she was the queen.  Really?  Today it's been rainy, but we headed out to library story time and lunch with friends.  This has been a tradition since the kids were LITTLE.  The big ones have just about outgrown it, but the little ones seems to like it now.  Funny to think we started this when our "big kids" were the same age as the "little ones".  Happy Wednesday!!


Melissa said...

love Hunter's pink bib! Fabulous!