Thursday, February 6, 2014

snow day!!!

Leave it to Dallas, Texas to have the most random weather!!!  The weather man said we MIGHT get a little dusting of snow.  Well, we got more than that for sure.  Now, compared to other places this was a dusting, but the roads were slick and schools were let out early.  
We had some fun!
We played out front with neighbors all afternoon. 
The girls headed to one house for hot chocolate
and the boys came here for some basketball and car racing.  

It had pretty  much melted by the late afternoon, but the temps are so low it may freeze tonight. 
Will see what tomorrow will hold!  I would not want my whole winter to look like this, BUT 
today was so much fun.  Great memories were made.  


Mer said...

So jealous! Great pics!

Katie said...

Glad ya'll had fun!

I know you're jealous of all of our snow! NOT! Ha. We have more coming next week.