Tuesday, February 18, 2014

busy and random

January and February used to be long, boring months.  Well, not anymore.  I guess with Hunter's bday, Bo's bday and Valentine's festivities things just get busy.   We had family in town two weekends in a row and last weekend we went to a friend's ranch for V-Day.  Lots going on.
The weekend Bo's parents were here we took them painting and then went bowling.

During the week we had dentist appointments, dance class,
swim lessons, BSF and playdates...on top of
school and Valentine's Day parties.

We went to a friend's ranch this past weekend. It was a blast.
The weather was perfect and it was just so nice to get away and enjoy
the company and scenery.  Beautiful.

The boys and hubs were there too but they were too busy 
running around to stop and take a picture.

Just three weeks until spring break!  Looking forward to that and maybe 
slowing down just a little bit???   Ha!  : )


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Where are the hunting pics???? So fun!