Thursday, July 9, 2009

movie time

Abby and her friends after the movie

Abby waiting for the movie to start

Abby had her first movie experience today!  We went to see Horton Hears a Who. She LOVED it.  It helped that she slept the first 15 min. of the movie, but when she woke up she enjoyed the rest of the movie saying, "elephant, naked"!   She sat in my lap the entire time. The whole way home she was saying, "movie, over".   What a fun, cheap thing to do in the summer when it's so hot out!  Thanks, friends, for the invite!  We need to do it again soon.


Leslie said...

that is such a great idea. i keep hearing about kids the twins age seeing movies and have thought about it. might need some help though! and i can totally hear Abby saying "naked" - you and bo need to start wearing clothes around the house! :)

Dunhams said...

It was SO fun! And Abby did fantastic!! I loved hearing her sweet little voice yelling "nekid!!" throughout the movie :)

Mer said...

That's so fun and COOL!!!! You are BAD for sending me that SUPER CUTE WEBSITE! Good grief...hope i make it out of there with any money left. Fun stuff!

Kimberly said...

Very cool. What a big girl Abby is getting to be! I took Chloe and saw a movie when she was 2 weeks old but gone are those days!
Guess what!? I'm coming home in October so you are coming to Houston!!!! :)
ps- you're tan!