Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was very different for us this year! I am at a point in pregnancy where I can not travel anymore, so it was just the three of us. It was actually quite nice to avoid all of the packing, traveling and unpacking, but we missed our families big time! It was just a bit too quiet for us!

Christmas Eve, the weather was gross. Abby and I cooked all morning and Bo went in to the office for a bit. We went to Christmas Eve service together and it was so sweet to hear Abby sing the carols.....boy, did she sing them! I loved it and didn't care how loud she was singing! After church, we went to the Browns and ate a great dinner with them. They were flying out the next day, so it was fun to get to spend some time with them before they left. We came home and made cookies for Santa as well as put out carrots for the reindeer. Abby was anxious to get to sleep that night, but it was so late she crashed.

Christmas morning, Bo and I woke up way before Abs. Of course, she would pick that day to sleep in until 7:30. She was excited to come see what Santa had brought and was more excited to know that he was still not in our house! : ) She played with all of her toys all morning and we had a nice, relaxing day. I was determined to make a good meal for lunch and I think I succeeded. Bo smiles every time he opens the fridge and sees all of the leftovers we STILL have to eat! When we put Abby to bed that night she asked, "Are my toys still going to be there in the morning?". So funny that she puts that much thought into it....they were there one morning, why wouldn't they be gone the next?!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well. Next year, we will be back in all the excitement, craziness, madness, loudness and everything else that we missed this year!


Katie said...

Sounds fun! Don't worry, it was pretty calm at the White house without ya'll. We missed you so much!

Next year maybe all of us will be that would be wild!

Way to GO cooking, sis! I'm impressed.

Love you. Can't wait to meet Hunter. ; )

Kimberly said...

That sounds like a really sweet day! I love all Abby's doll toys. We were (are) with friends instead of family for the first time and it has been very nice, but different!

Robinson Family said...

I'm sure it was a bit of an adjustment to a quiet Christmas. Abs looks like she had a great one though. LOVE to hear them singing carols. My heart melted every time Roo would sing Away in a Manger. Where did Santa find that plush baby doll? I've been trying to find one for Lulu.