Friday, August 23, 2013

hanging on!

Last night I went to a kinder moms party at a neighbor's house.  At 10:00 Bo texted me and asked if I was "hanging from the chandelier" because I wasn't at home in bed.  A friend thought it would be funny for me to act this out and send it back to him.  He just thought I was a dork and went to sleep.  I wasn't far behind him.

As I looked at this picture this morning I laughed because this is 
really how life is RIGHT at this moment.

Summer is over.  Abby is starting kindergarten on Monday.  Hunter starts on Tuesday and our routine will be up and running.  Abby's bday party is in three weeks and the girl who is involved in the party cancelled last night.  There is so much going on with my family and big things are happening.  Just lots going on and lots on my mind.  Life seems to be speeding up and I know it's about to get faster.

Here's to "hanging from the chandelier" and enjoying the ride!


Mer said...

HANG on is RIGHT! That picture cracked me up:-0