Wednesday, August 21, 2013

our week so far

The last two days we have gone non-stop.  Monday morning we met friends at a park in Dallas 
and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  We headed over to Northpark mall to grab 
some lunch and run around a bit there.  

We couldn't head home without stopping by the new Sprinkles ice cream shop!  

Tuesday we met some friends at the pool for a morning filled
with swimming and catch up time.  These girls
will all be in kinder together and two of these girls will be
in Abby's dance class this year!

After swimming all morning we came home for nap time and then we went to Abby's 
last swim lesson of the summer.  Shortly after, Bo and I were off to 
Kinder Parent Orientation at Abby's school.  When we got home from that meeting
Meredith and David were here to spend the night with us.

We have had a great time catching up with our cousin today and being home.
We needed to slow down for a bit and enjoy a pj day together.   : )


Mer said...

Thanks for having us, AGAIN! Love your SWEET KIDS!