Friday, August 30, 2013

one week down...

Whew!  What.a.week!!!  The first week of school is over and we made it.
The early mornings, making lunches, filling water bottles, making sure snack was packed, cleaning out the folder, washing and drying hair each night, and getting to bed early...we did it.

All of that has been the easy part.

Dropping off my girl and seeing tears, fear and panic each day has been the hard part.
We will get there but it's just a big place with lots of people and that is Abby's 
biggest fear....getting lost or being afraid of the "big kids".   She has friends in her class and
I think once she is inside the "safety" of her classroom she is fine.  She seems to enjoy
each day and tells me all about it from who lost a tooth to who got into trouble.  
We will get there, but we did survive the first week!

Hunter and I have time to play in the carpool line each day.
I have loved my time with him this week.

Smiling this morning before we went inside.

Again, we will get there!


Mer said...

Glad she made it!