Friday, August 16, 2013

last fling of the summer

On Monday the kids and I headed up to Tulsa to visit a sweet friend of mine.  We had a blast catching up, watching the kids play together, swimming and we even took a trip to the aquarium.  I was planning on a quick trip up to Tulsa and back, but then plans changed.....

.....and we went to Arkansas to see my sister!

We took a little ride to see the neighbor's bulls, chickens and cows.

I LOVE to go to Fayetteville.  The weather was perfect (55 degrees Thurs morning) 
and the kids are a hoot together.  

Colson's face while he was driving Hunter
around was hysterical!!

Sweet boy.

Breakfast time!

It was so great to go and play even if it was for less than 24 hours!  I needed to see my baby sister and love on her.  She doesn't know it but that trip meant more to me than her.  

A great week all around.  I had sweet time with my kids and sweeter time with friends and family!



Mer said...

So sweet! Glad you made it there and back! See you SOON!