Sunday, August 11, 2013

bowling and birthdays

Saturday morning we had no plans so we decided to go bowling.  
It was a blast.  We all had the best time.

How is this girl about to be in kindergarten??

Hunter loved the bowling....

....and all of the arcade games!

Like father, like son!

Today is Reese Catherine Rowe's 4th birthday.  We celebrate every year by releasing balloons
at our house.  My children know they have a cousin in heaven and we celebrate her life today.
It's also my mom's bday!!  August 11th is a special day for TWO reasons!!



Happy Birthday to Mom and Reese.  We love you both so much!!


Mer said...

What precious precious pics!!! I love them. So sweet!

ashley said...

I love this. Beautiful. :)

Katie said...

Love those two kiddos and love YOU! Those balloons were so big and bright.