Sunday, March 11, 2012

walking and first haircut

Hunter is walking.   Look out!!

Time for a trim

"What is happening to me?"

Much better!

Thanks, Aunt Lizzie!!

Well, it was a big weekend here at the Bain house.  Spring break began and we have our first round of visitors here now.  Liz (Bo's sister and my former college roommate) and her 2 kids are here now from Houston.  We are all having so much fun!!!  More pictures and stories about that later.  We have BIG news....

Hunter started walking this weekend!

He is so proud of himself and just so dang cute walking around with his hands up in the air.  Funny.  Also today, Aunt Lizzie gave H his first haircut.  Bo has been bugging me to trim the back and after TWO people called him a GIRL this week I figured it was time for a trim.  He doesn't have much on top yet.  He did great, Liz did great and he looks a lot better!  Still has some curls, but not the mullet he was getting!  

Fun weekend and MUCH more to come this week.  LOVE spring break and LOVE visitors!  


Mer said...

Liz looks like a rock star!!! Ya'll have so much fun! Don't even bother cleaning or changing sheets...cause we just gonna shake it up more! Can't wait to see little man running through the house:)

Mandy said...

Whatever, Mer. We have met...right?!

Can't wait to see YOU guys!!

Katie said...

How in the world would someone think Hunter was a girl?! Crazy.

Have a fun week!

Melissa said...

SOOO cute! Can't wait to see the little man walk!