Wednesday, March 14, 2012

cousins round two

Abby and Allie

Garrett and Abs

Garrett and Hunter

Well, round TWO of "Cousin Spring Break 2012" has come and gone.  It was a BLAST.  This is just so much fun.  I am LOVING daylight savings time as well. The kids are sleeping great...including Hunter.  Such a happy mom!  Not sure if it's the dst or the walking, but I will TAKE IT!

Meredith (my brother's wife) and her three kids came in town Tuesday morning.  The kids were so excited to see each other.  We ate lunch and went straight to the park.  After playing a while we headed back home and then played in the back yard all afternoon.  

Meredith is WAY talented in photography and has been teaching me a few things.  I am so excited to learn all of this.  I am hoping to get better and better.  We were up late playing around on the computer and it was so much fun.  Thank you, Meredith!

Abby was SO sad to see the cousins leave today.  I was putting Hunter down for his afternoon nap and when I came out of his room I couldn't find Abby.  I opened her door and she was about asleep in the bed.  I went over to kiss her head and she said, "I about fell asleep sitting up"!    Thanks for coming, Mer.  We loved every minute!!!   Love you guys so much.


Mer said...

Yeehaw!!! Let's do it AGAIN! Abs and Hunter couldn't be any sweeter. I was hoping mine would turn sweeter since they ate 125 sweet tarts in 2 hours. Oh well...guess I'll have to keep them. They loved it. I did too! PJ days are RARE and PJ days with the cousins is even more RARE! Thanks for having us:) LOVE YOU MUCH!