Sunday, March 25, 2012

crazy weekend, crazy kids

This weekend was a BLAST to say the least.  The Lohrding crew came in town from Lubbock so we decided a crawfish/shrimp boil was the perfect thing to do while they were in town!  Do we EVER really need a reason to throw a party?!  Not us.

I had to post this picture of the kids.  They are siting in order from oldest to youngest.  I LOVE these kids.  I love that they are growing up together and I love their moms and dads.  Precious, priceless friends.  

We had WAY too much food, WAY too much fun and I took WAY too many pictures.  More to come but for now I am pooped.   Happy Sunday!


theschmoo said...

LOVE THIS! How wonderful to be a part of a great crew of life giving friends and have all those special kids to see grow up together. That is special indeed. Blessed!!!

Leslie said...

I didn't even notice they were sitting in order!!! So cute!! And so much fun as always! Thanks for always letting us come and take over your house. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!