Monday, March 12, 2012

cousin visit round one!

Charlie loving on Hunter 

Time for a book with Aunt Liz

How did he get big enough to do this on his own?

Charlie and Abs

Emerson and Abs

Spring break is HERE and we are loving some cousin time.  Liz and her crew came in town this past weekend and left today.   We loved having them here despite the gross weather most of the weekend.  The sun broke out on Sunday afternoon and we all ran out back to enjoy it and do some grilling.  The kids played great together and got along so well.  We didn't do much other than just hang out at the house and let the kids play.  Hunter was loving trying to chase the big kids around the house.  He will be catching them soon.   Thanks for coming up to D, Liz.  We loved having you!

Sheets are washed and back on the guest bed for ROUND TWO coming tomorrow morning!!!


Mer said...

Sweet pics..they are all looking so grown up! SEE YA SOON!