Tuesday, March 6, 2012

abby and me day

Dropping H off at school

Riding the bull

Watching The Lorax

Getting our nails painted

I have been thinking about taking Abby out of school one day for just an Abby and me day.  I asked Abs if she thought it would be fun and of course, she said yes.  So...today we dropped Hunter off at school and off we went!  I told her we could do anything and everything she wanted to do in five hours.

We left the parking lot after dropping off Hunter and went to CFA for hash browns per her request. This was fine by me because I needed my morning Diet Coke.  We then headed to Frisco to do some shopping.  I have to have Abby with me these days so it was a perfect thing to do before our movie started.  We found a few things and as we were driving, Abby spotted these bull statues.  She laughed and asked if we could ride them.  I am sure she wasn't thinking I would suddenly pull the car over, park and get her out and place her on top!  She laughed and laughed.  It was GREAT.  We then headed to our movie after getting popcorn and sour patch kids!  The movie was really cute and had a great message.  Next up was nail time!  This was the main thing she wanted to do.  She picked out her color and beamed the whole time.

Abby and I had a great time together today laughing and talking.  I thought that she was the one that needed some mommy time, but really I think I was the one that wanted some Abby time!  It was a precious day and one that I won't ever forget.  She just smiled and laughed all day.  She got all my attention and loved it.  I loved it too!


Melissa said...

THat's precious! Love that you guys did that! Happy Abby & Mommy day!

Matt and Brynn Hodder said...

Those are the best! I get an evening with my girl tonight for the Taylor Swift concert. Whoo! And, to think, you started the love of her music! Miss you.

Mer said...

Isn't' it so different when you have your second??? It changed your relationship so much with your first, and when you are with them alone, it seem so much more cherished! That's so sweet of you to give up a whole day for the two of you. She'll be in kindergarten before you know it Mando!! AGGH!

Jen said...

So sweet! Such a special day. I totally agree with Mer!

Katie said...

I love it! You're such a FUN mama.

Gina said...

What a wonderful memory!