Monday, May 7, 2012


H loves sitting in his chair reading books.

Abby and Anna Jane

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

This past weekend was another fun one.  Lucas (Bo's bil) and the girls came up from League City to spend the weekend with us.  Lucas had a bike race on Saturday and we got to hang out with the girls.  Abby was in HEAVEN.  These two are precious and let Abby follow them around and copy their every move all weekend long.  Bless their hearts!  Hunter, on the other hand, is obsessed with Lucas and sat in his lap and read books with him when he could.  H is ALL about books right now.  He will sit for an hour and let you read to him or read in his chair.  It's so precious and nice to know he can be so still for that long!  : )

We really just played at the house, ran a few errands and celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Saturday with fajitas and margaritas, of course!    When the girls left on Sunday I thought Abby might just cry.  We love you, Hilbrichs and can't wait to see you again!