Tuesday, May 8, 2012

mother's day tea round 2

Today was another special day!  I can't tell you how sweet Hunter's Mother's Day tea was this morning.   He had no idea what was going on other than I went in to the class with him, played for a bit and ate a special snack of "baby fruit" and cookies with him.  His teachers are so precious and went all out to make us feel so special and didn't have to at all.  Love them.

The teachers made us this little book with the kid's pictures (love the bib on in the pic) and handprints in them.  They also made us a necklace with our child's fingerprint on it.   What a special idea.  I love it.

Again, I feel so blessed to be Hunter and Abby's mom.  What a gift the Lord has given me!   Happy Tuesday and Happy Mother's Day!