Saturday, May 5, 2012

play group

Yesterday our play group was at this great place with a small play set area, a bigger play set area and a splash park in between the two.  The play areas are shaded and that is so nice.   We had never been there when the water was on.  I called before we got there and they told me the water was off so I didn't dress my kids in swimsuits.   After being there for about 30 minutes, the water came on.  It was hilarious.  The kids LOVED it.  We ended up staying there close to 3 hours and once we got home and I put the kids down they took amazing naps.  Might just be going there lots this summer!  : )


Mer said...

OH FUN!!!!! GREAT pics!!!

Gladice said...

I learned about that park at the end of the summer last year. It's definitely awesome, especially since you guys live so close by.

Katie said...

Fun fun!

I'm a bad bad sister for not calling you back yet!