Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BUSTED - 151/365

Two tickets in the Bain house this month.  I got the first one....cell phone use in a school zone.  BOO.

However, today in the mail, Bo got the second one.  It is a red light violation.  Oops.

I honestly thought it was me when I opened it.  I tend to run red lights all the time on accident and have wondered when I was going to get busted.  However, it was Bo this time.

Time to pay UP!  Happy Wednesday!


Mer said...

oh good grief!!! I'm so sorry sis:( At least Bo couldn't really wag his finger!

Lauren said...

I got a ticket right before our Warrior Dash weekend (with my cast on!! jerk cop) so I'm right there with ya. I'll be doing Defensive Driving here pretty soon.

Sara said...

That is just bad luck! I always wonder if the lights here in NWA have the cameras? The no cell phone in a school zone is hard since there are so many school zones around every corner!

Justin Wallraven said...

I'm just surprised you used the editing software to blur your address, but not your weight. That shows confidence, "Amanda!" Good job!

Just kidding!

Katie said...

Boo is right! I'm sorry. ; (