Friday, February 24, 2012

western day?

Yesterday was Western Day at school.  I took Abby to the mall to try and find something to wear because she is so extremely picky now I can't just buy her clothes anymore without her trying them on. After trying on about 20 things we ended up with this denim skirt.  She WAS going to wear a white shirt, bandana and her skirt.  Well, this is what she ended up wearing....

Looks JUST like a cowgirl, right?

Well, some battles just aren't worth fighting and TRUST me, I have to remind myself of this often with this child.  She had clothes on. She was happy and who cares if she didn't wear a white shirt and bandana with her denim skirt.


Mer said...

You are so right!!!! Love the skirt:)

Katie said...

You're so right! Who cares? I know she was still the cutest cowgirl there. ; )