Tuesday, February 28, 2012

13 months

Hunter is 13 months today!  I say it every month, but can't believe it.
A few things about my sweet boy -

He loves to eat and eats most everything.  Bless him, he will sit in that high chair for an hour at suppertime and just eat!

He isn't walking yet, but loves to hold both of my hands and walk around the house.  I think he is still a good month away but who knows.  He loves the push walker with wheels.  Loves it.

H is drinking whole milk (so thankful he isn't allergic to it)!  He drinks some water too, but not much.

Still isn't a great sleeper.  I say this every month.  He takes a 30 min. nap each morning around 9 and a nap every afternoon around 1:30 or 2.  This one is about an hour most days but some days it's 30 min. too.   He goes to bed about 7 and is up between 5:30 and 6.   This is a picture at the park last week.  Yep.  Fell asleep just sitting up in his smart trike.  I took him out and he continued his nap for a bit.

He says "da-da" and "hi" all the time.  He will just wave at everyone and say "hi"!  So funny.

He loves his SISTER.  Oh my.  He adores her every move and she feels the same.  Precious.

Hunter continues to make me smile, laugh and sometimes at 5:30 am cry!  I love this boy with all.my.heart!  Happy 13 months, Hunt!


theschmoo said...

So sweet! I love his little round head and belly. I am sure Abby is the best sister he could ever want.