Thursday, February 2, 2012

outside and new favorite

I take no credit for dressing her...

I could eat.him.up!!!

H's new favorite place to play. 

We have had a great week this week just playing.  We have been to the park every day this week.  That is crazy to me.  It's the end of Jan. and beginning of Feb. and we are OUTSIDE every day.    I love it...don't get me wrong, but I really feel like it is April and not winter.  

Hunter found a new place to play.  I love that he sits there and rolls cups around while I cook dinner. It cracks me up.  Abby goes around picking them up and he messes them up all over again.  She will say, "BOYS"!   Amen Abby...just wait!  


Jen said...

His cheeks!!! Love him!

Katie said...

Colson would be right there with him playing in the cups!