Wednesday, June 26, 2013

race to remember 2013

This past weekend we went to Little Rock to participate in the Race To Remember.  I did this race last year and knew this year I wanted my whole family to participate with me to be part of Team Reese!

"Families who lose children rarely, if ever, get at opportunity to publicly recognize their baby. race to remember gives them a chance to join together for a special occasion in memory of that special child." 

My parents with six of their nine grandchildren.

Balloon release before the race.  The sky was full of pink and blue balloons.

We took a pic like this last it's our little tradition. : )

All of Team Reese!!!  

Time for some cousin time.  These two were just having a little conversation
and watching a video on the computer.  Funny kids.

These two are as opposite and night and day but man, do they love each other.

Had a great weekend in LR with family and seeing friends as well.  I love going "home".  
I love my family.  I am one lucky girl. 


Katie said...

Love YOU and love that all of your little family came! It means more than you'll ever know!

Love the quote at the top, too. Miss you!