Saturday, June 1, 2013

cousins and recital pics

We started the week with Daddy home on Monday for Memorial Day and then when he headed back to work on Tuesday we had these rug-rats come for a quick visit!  My brother, his wife and their kids were in town for some fun in Dallas.  We loved seeing them and the kids had a great time playing and playing and playing.  Today marks ONE YEAR for David's Gotcha Day.  We love you, David and can't imagine our family without you in it!!

Today Abby had her dance recital pictures.  The recital isn't for a couple of weeks but
she got all dressed up complete with hair and make up for her pics.  

How does she look SO BIG???

Already June 1st!  Loving summer and no schedule so far!


Mer said...

Those costumes are SO cute!!!! So good to see ya !!!!! Thanks for everything:)

Samantha said...

My daughter has the same recital costume, gloves and all!!! She looks adorable!