Tuesday, June 18, 2013

fun summer activity

I got this idea from a friend and it was perfect for my kids!  It was easy for this non-crafty mom to put together and the kids worked on it for over an hour!  Perfect for a summer day.

Take some of the kids little toys and freeze them in water.
I did two layers of toys so I froze one layer and then froze the second layer after that.

After the toys are frozen let the kids try to get the toys out of the ice!
Mine just used plastic tools they had and wooden spoons from the kitchen.

They seriously worked on this for a little over an hour!  We did it in the morning so it wasn't so hot out but the heat still "helped" melt the ice a bit for them.  

They keep asking to do this again!  I am already freezing new toys they collected for me!
Go try it!  : )