Sunday, May 26, 2013

taylor swift = priceless moment

Last night my friend and I took our girls to see Taylor Swift.  Abby and I have been counting down the days until her concert.  It did NOT disappoint.  That girl can put on a show!

Before we left.

Getting to Cowboy Stadium.

After we stood in a l-o-n-g line for t-shirts, we walked in to find our seats.
LOVE this picture.

Waiting for the concert to start.  They were GIDDY!

Ahhhh....the look on this girl's face the whole night made it all worth it.
She would stand up, clap her hands and sing at the top on her lungs.
She was beaming the whole night.

It was a fun night with my girl.  I am pretty sure this won't be our last Taylor Swift concert!


The Rohman Family said...

I am taking my niece to see her in Nashville in Sept. So glad to hear it was a good show!