Saturday, May 18, 2013

getting ready for summer

We had a pretty busy week, but Monday morning was perfect park weather.  I know it's going to be too hot to go to parks soon, so I took advantage of it and we actually went to two parks that morning!

Summer is upon us!  Dance and swimming lessons have a few more weeks, the last week of school is next week and things like BSF and MOPS have ended until fall.  Not sure really where the year went.  It all goes by so fast.  Makes me want to soak up moments like these with my kiddos while they still like me and want me to take them to the park.

Here's to a fun, purposeful summer.  Bring on the pool, cookouts, camps, trips and heat.  
Ok...not really the heat, but it's coming so bring it on.'s to watching movies with goggles on.
Because that's not weird at all.


Katie said...

His face is so mesmerized!

I know Abby is glad swimming lessons are ending soon. ; )

Mer said...

That first pic of the kids is soooo sweet! SEE YOU SOON!


His face looks so cute and magnetic. Muah..:-)
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Melissa said...

OMG. That goggles picture cracks me up. seriously!!