Monday, June 11, 2012

hogs vs. bears

Rosey was spraying the kids with water.

Hunter decided to hide behind Rosey.

I think Rosey had more fun than the kids!

A weekend isn't complete at our house unless something is smoked or gilled outside.  Sunday, Bo decided to round up some friends last minute to watch the Baylor vs. Arkansas baseball game.  It finally hogs played my bears.  I honestly didn't care who won, but it was fun to wear a hog shirt in a room full of bears!  : )  The hogs ended up winning that game, but the final game is tonight and the winner will be one step closer to the college world series!  It's been a HUGE year for Baylor athletics and I wish both teams the best.  Sic Em Bears and Go Hogs!!  


Justin Wallraven said...

Um...hello?!?! What did he smoke?!?!

Mandy said...

Sorry, Justin. Most people don't care but I know that you always do. He just did ribs on the egg. They were really good! He has those down pat! : ) WPS!

Mer said...

Ya'll blew it out this weekend! Whoohoo!