Monday, June 18, 2012


Ahhhh.  Father's Day.  Trying to get the "perfect" picture of a dad and his kids.  

 Clearly this didn't work in our family yesterday.  

However, it's where we are right now.  Abby - naked and not wanting to stop what she is doing for a picture with Dad.  Hunter - naked a bruise on his head and not wanting to stop either.  And there is Bo. Smiling, holding them and loving them anyway.  This IS a perfect Father's Day picture after all.


Justin Wallraven said...

I actually think you captured being a dad perfectly in this picture.

Jen said...

It's perfect! I LOVE both kids' expressions in it. Cracks me up. It is priceless!

Mer said...

LOVE IT! So funny:)

Keith and Jessica said...

Love it!