Sunday, June 10, 2012

dancing, dancing, dancing

Dressed and ready to pose for me.

She loves these boots!

My sweet dad and Abby

My precious mom and Abs

Right before preforming "Chim Chim Chir-ee"

Best buds

All lined up!

After Act 1 and before Act 2 they each got a trophy. I think Abby slept with it last night.

Ready for the second dance "Ease on Down the Road".

Celebrating after the show with flowers and all kinds of stuff!

This week has been FULL of dance recital preparations.  This dance stuff is serious business!

Dress rehearsal was Friday night and it was long.  Abby did great because she was so into watching the dancers.  She loved every minute and didn't want to leave.  However, it was a late night.

Saturday she woke up early and was excited.  She got dressed early and posed for a million pictures.  Once the show started Abby could not wait to see the dances and get on that stage.  This is so out of character for Abby but dance is something she loves.  She was smiling the whole time. The biggest smile I got was when she got her trophy and after the show when she was flooded with flowers and gifts.  So proud of you, Abby!  You did a great job and we are all so proud of you.


Katie said...

Ahhh SO glad it went well! She's come so far. ; )

Melissa said...

SO fun! LOVE all the costume pics and glad she loved it! That's so great!